The Founding Story 

From the late 90’s to the mid-2000 HIV/Aids prevalence in Sub-Saharan Africa was a record high pandemic ravaging many communities. Kenya was not left out. With 13% prevalence at least one out of ten families had a family member infected, and in some towns, people could count daily the numbers of new widows and orphans. With the loss of their breadwinners, women and children were left without any means of providing for their daily needs and hunger became a constant struggle. They often lost their husbands' homes and possessions after those passed away.

Fountain of Hope was founded after many were personally impacted by witnessing the drama. In 2003, a group of young people headed by James Waruiru came together with the common purpose of fighting for the rights of widows and orphans left behind. In 2006, our founder, James Waruiru, was further touched by the loss of his sister to HIV/Aids, and he decided to take over his mourning and start FOHLC with the purpose of helping people.

His natural leadership originated back in the late 90’s when James's family became a victim of a politically instigated tribal violence that displaced them from the South coast of Kenya to the upcountry. They became refugees in their own country and also lost every single possession they have ever had to loot and arson. Languishing in poverty and difficulty of fitting-in to an entirely new community, the cultural shock pushed James to start a peacebuilding program alongside the HIV/Aids awareness and care program. Later on, additional issues affecting the community confronted James and his team, and this pushed the organization to adopt new programs.

A conceiver of the idea that saw the inception of FOHLC, James gives much credit to the founding team and is grateful to Stephen Njoroge, Samuel Ndichu, Mary Nduta, Kevin Kimani, Grace Muthoni, George Githinji, Carolyn, Wainaina, Judy, Joyce and the Magaris. Some of those people have decided to move on to other careers and some have migrated from Kenya but they deserve a lot of praise and to be mentioned.

Through the support of private donors, Christian mission’s and organizations, and the Kenyan government, FOHLC is assisted to provide widows, orphans, marginalized and indigenous communities with basic food necessities, material support, and the most vital spiritual and psychological support.

Our Mission

- HIV/Aids Awareness & Care
- Menstrual Hygiene & Reproductive Education
- Youth Development & Empowerment
- Audio Bibles Program
- Handicap & Disabilities
- Humanitarian Support
- Peacebuilding & Intercultural Awareness
- Life-giving ministry of Abortion & Healing

James N Waruiru, Founder


Passionately committed to protecting the future of our and the neighboring communities for our generation and most importantly—the generations to come.

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Joep van Binsbergen

Joep van Binsbergen is FOHLC's Chairman of the Advisory Board and the CEO  & Founder of the Agency Bridging capacities for Development (ABCD Ltd.) which assists NGOs with their procurement and outsourcing solutions.

Grace W Mutura

Now retired, Grace worked as a secretary in the Office of the President in the State House, Kenya, rising to the level of a senior secretary. With her expert-level background, she assists FOHLC as the treasurer.

James N Waruiru

The founder and the project manager of Fountain of Hope Life Center, James Waruiru is a dynamic and need-centered social entrepreneur, a motivated human rights activist, and a competent and attentive public speaker.

Mark De Blois

The CEO & Founder of Upande Ltd, a social enterprise which provides advisory and technical development services in ICT and digital mapping, Mark serves FOHLC as the secretary.

Caroline Ruhia Mwaura

Ordained priest of the Anglican Church of Kenya and the vicar of St. Faith Parish, Caroline assists us in empowerment programs for women, career mentorship and Biblical purity for vulnerable youths.

Polly Kamau

With an extensive local and international volunteer background, Polly is now serving the Fountain of Hope advisory board and the Heads Sanitary Towels sub-committee in the board.

Francis W Thairu

Francis currently serves as the director of the Mwimuto General Contractors in Kenya and City Auto and Trucks in Birmingham USA. He is a distinguished board member of FOHLC.

Dr. Ruth Kariuki

Dr. Ruth Kariuki is a Doctor in Public Health with very specific expertise in the promotion of disease prevention and control. Ruth will serve the FOHLC Advisory Board as an Assistant Chair.

How About You?

You are motivated, dynamic, responsible, serious, persistent, dependable, living in Kenya, willing to engage and to help us in the long-term? Join us!

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To serve as a fundamental tool for eradication of all harmful vices facing our society including all violation of Human Rights. Contribute towards the achievement of Kenya’s Vision 2030 & Millennium Development Goals.

We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.

~ Mother Teresa.

FOHLC Causes

Our Values

1. Compassion

We care for the needy by providing both material and psychological support. Our driving power is compassion, love, concern and the urge to fulfill God's will as clearly prescribed in his words in the Book of James 1:27. A pure and undetermined religion before God, the Father, is this: to care for orphans and widows in their misfortune and to keep oneself unstained by the world.

2. Responsibility

We firmly believe that if every able person chooses to take up the role of caring for the needy even with a minute resource available to oneself the world will be a better place. We, therefore, do not leave everything to the government; we carry out our task with the sense of responsibility.

3. Transcendence

We believe that spirituality is a vital personal resource.

4. Networking & collaboration

Motivated by an African Swahili saying that states “one finger cannot kill lice,” (kidole kimoja hakiuwi chawa) we believe in working with other organizations with similar objectives as ours.

5. Advocacy

We inform the public the need to care for the needy and that it’s our joint obligation.

6. Nondiscrimination

We do not discriminate by gender, faith, health status, physical disability, orientation or any unusual situation.

James N Waruiru, Founder & Project Manager

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