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FOHLC CausesThere are over 2.5 million orphans in Kenya. This number is soo significant putting in minds the total population is only 36 million people. Therefore this translates that orphans comprise up to 9% of the whole community. Among the 2.5m orphans, only a third find a place in orphanages and charity care organizations. Th rest find their way in the streets and child labor.

Something needs to be done fast, the problem of orphans can be ultimately dealt with when every person can take up the burden of caring for orphans as a personal obligation.

This can be done by people opening their homes to adopt orphans and make them part of their families. Despite the economic situation and poverty in Kenya if more families adopt orphans the problem will be solved up to 80%, this will further ease the work of orphanages and child care units this will also make many people belong somewhere, having in mind the worse dilemma of humankind is lack of belonging, their orphanages will only serve as transit points and preparation fields waiting for better areas. For this reason, Fountain of Hope life Center believes in supporting orphans through their guardians mostly people they have blood lineage with like grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

This helps them so much today linked to family tree and have a sense of belonging something un real in orphanage, with the recognition the great role orphanages serve in orphan care, it is very accurate that although many kids call them home its not home and this downs to them with agony when one grows up to understanding and learns that the people they call Dam, Mum, Uncle, sister, brother, sister, etc. are as a matter of fact without any blood link to them and only be useful to them because they are Christian with pure caring heart and also maybe they are employed and just doing their work.

For this reason, Fountain of Hope Life center has decided to take up the work of mobilizing people to adopt orphans and this we believe will be a giant step towards solving the orphans issue.


James N. Waruiru
Project Coordinator/Secretary to the Board
Fountain of Hope Youth Initiative Group


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