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Romans 10:17, New King James Version (NKJV)

So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

We believe spirituality is a vital personal resource and for this, we strive to provide spiritual growth through Audio Bibles for the visually impaired, the elderly, the sick and the general public. Our gadgets embrace Green Technology and are cost-friendly and solar-powered. The scriptures are provided as audio content in the local vernacular languages to bring God’s word in the language of people's hearts. We act as a bridge between the manufacturers and the end user.

Today, 63% of the world's population CANNOT READ. Global statistics relate that only 37% are capable of reading while 25% are completely illiterate, 35%—functionally illiterate, and 3% are visually impaired or simply form part of an oral culture where learning takes place without the written word. More than half of the global population lives under difficult conditions in remote villages and urban squalor without electricity. They need to hear God's words, too.

Breaking down to the local remote communities that we serve in Kenya we find a much bigger number of people who aren't readers and for whom oral communication is the only means of exchange. Many get to hear God's words only on Sundays in churches. They, therefore, cannot schedule a Bible study nor have any reference to what was read or taught. We strive to ensure those people receive Audio Bibles to access God's words in a form familiar and useful to them—ORAL, SPOKEN or HEARD.

With the generous support of our micro-donors, we have recently partnered with the Kiambu District Hospital to put health tips on cancer, diabetes, and HIV/Aids in the records. We have also started a partnership with Theovision International to install stereo surround players in public facilities like prisons and hospitals. Here, free people, inmates and patients in waiting rooms can hear God’s words and health messages with contents coming from the Davar Audi-Bibles or Megavoice. To learn more, see our initiative on Facebook.

We are searching for partners for the Audio Bible program. Please contact us to learn more and to see how we can collaborate. God bless you!


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