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FOHLC is widely renowned, both on the national and the international level, for our mindful and consistent training programs into the area of women's issues education. Yet, some time ago, we've seen ourselves underprepared to face and support this education for women suffering from some kind of auditory and visual handicap.

The first person who made me aware of this sad reality was my deaf daughter, who not only needed help with her reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, and other female issues education, but was somebody for whom I was to provide, care, and protect even more. In addition to my daughter's needs, facing her mother's concerns as a good father and husband responsible for her well-being as well was one of the toughest moments of self-doubt I've faced so far. I have found myself useless, unprepared and in a way completely unable to help my daughter and my family face this situation; I did not give up.

This eye-opener situation triggered my resolution to help not only my daughter but start a program that will offer humanitarian, educational, and Christian discipleship to people with disabilities.

Launched in 2016, we run a program that provides Audio Bibles and walking sticks to the blind, humanitarian support to our brothers and sisters with disabilities; we do not look in another direction, we do not underline their handicap—we strive to look at the same direction those spirited people look themselves and enable them as much as we can.

While we are grateful to have been granted support for the Audio Bibles, we still have to go ahead and cover expenses for providing the same or similar support for reproductive health and menstrual hygiene education. We need materials and donations to develop support for a sign language program and to bring to those people enabling information in the most appropriate and accessible way. We need your help now, so please consider making a donation or contact us to provide you with materials or additional ways to achieve and fulfill our ambitious program.

Thank you!

James Waruiru
Founder of FOHLC and Project Manager

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