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This is our flagship program. The organization prides its work which has helped reduce HIV/Aids prevalence to now 5% nationally. Fountain of Hope Life Center uses participatory workshops, music, poetry, and drama to sensibilize the community on HIV/Aids.

Our Mission is to curb further spread of HIV/Aids through awareness; provoke discussion on HIV/Aids in search of local and collective action to reduce risky sexual behaviors; end stigma towards those who are already infected; offer physical and spiritual care and humanitarian support to the infected and the affected persons.

Over the years, in partnership with government agencies and other social organizations, this program has run an active campaign of distribution of relief food to the orphans, widows and vulnerable families enrolled with us. We also source donations from churches, NGOs, local and international well-wishers and provide for over 200 families with basic survival needs. The local Chiefs and former DCs in Kiambu can attest to this. Follow us on Flickr to view some pictures of our project or visualize those on our Gallery here.

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