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When you donate money to us through platforms, it does not integrally land to our hands and to understand why FOHLC does not support fundraising campaigns who retain from us up to 18.5% of your donations, you must realize that to cushion from poverty, MANY young women expose their lives to irreversible damage, health issues, and even death! Each dollar counts towards alleviating this situation.

Running menstrual hygiene for disadvantaged girls, we have been trusted heartbreaking stories and have alone also realized through observation that many of those girls are forced to engage in risky sexual behaviors to earn some money for bread! What happens when those have existential needs like acquiring food and water? Human dignity and hygienic habits move on the second place and this makes our work of such a great importance for they still need to be provided sanitary pads to evade infections and further spread of disease, but also to reduce their drop from classes. Speaking about risky sexual behaviors, in many occasions, those will lead to unwanted pregnancies, and many would resolve for one thing–abortion.

Using "traditional" and "unconventional" abortion procedures to escape from shame and complications, a significant number of teenage girls would end up with heavy bleeding problems leading to hospitalization when on time, and death, if they get no treatment. This, on the physiological side. Dealing with them on the supportive level, we are made aware of the post-abortion trauma and the low survival of their self-dependent personal system to resist further abuse or to continue valuing themselves as "women" or future mothers. Many of those girls are downgraded to the mere existence of "human sanitary pads"—paid for, used, abused, and thrown when "stained."

FOHLC exists to address these issues and to offer a shoulder to lean on where no one else is around! We provide a safe and confidential place, free of judgment and stigma, free of "forced advice," we provide guidance and counseling; we hold workshops to teach on short-term and long-term consequences of abortion; we reach out to educate young men on the consequences of "unprotected sex."

Abortion is not a female-only issue. Men are responsible for society by the way they take care of their women, by the respect they bring to their mothers, their sisters, their partners, future mothers of a house, and their daughters and descendants. 

Women do not get impregnated alone. Denying engagement into conceiving a life once a sexual act has been held is not simply leaving the woman alone—its taking possession of somebody else's life, that of her, and that of the conceived child. This should be regarded under criminal behavior and not get to the extreme to get punished severely, both women and men have to be educated on how to protect their integrity and how to respect that of the other person, but most of all—how to openly speak and to take measures when in troubles.

We've made our research without an effort for the problem is often visible. To reduce troubles in the future, most of the times it is men who ask for the abortion and will pay for it. The problem is that they won't get either enough money or good information and will proceed to traditional or dubious abortionists, even when some medical and traditional abortion practitioners are men. We've been told by the girls, some of those teenage and already young mothers, that they are forced into a sexual intercourse where they are exploited like animals and then, they are additionally subjected to an ultimatum by parents and "guardians" to either make an abortion or to move out of the home. Some fall victim to desperation, become absorbed by suicidal thoughts, and will eventually fall again victims to further abuse for their self-protective shield as a person will already be questioned as one "not meriting to be respected or supported." We have been confronted by these incidences more than several times! Sometimes, we have witnessed women aborting their children against their will and motherly instinct and this not only hurts them when this happens, but it continues to be a mark they'll bear the rest of their lives.

Our organization is founded on the Christian principles, we are, therefore "pro-life" but how can we be "pro-life" if bringing life under already survival conditions can expose both the mother and the child to starving to death! Human life is not only a secret, it is sacred! We believe that life begins at conception and should end with a natural death at a really advanced age, that of plus sixty or plus seventy, and this is why we provide education—to reduce life conception as to reduce unnecessary death and moral tolls!

FOHLC have no means to provide for a shelter and to temporarily support these women! We desire to have a Life-giving shelter where we can house women going through such hardships, even for brief periods, because we have also witnessed that some parents and guardians change on a later date of heart and receive back the women after giving birth with great regret. We need your help through donations and through effectively supporting us!

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