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Our mission is to offer leadership training and business incubation opportunities to vulnerable youths in Kenya. We strive to provide teenagers with information access on training opportunities, fellowships, funding press releases. Our goal is to see empowered youths free from the possible exploitation by the political system and free from drugs & substance abuse. We believe in their complete transformation from Vagabonds to CEOs and company managers.

A significant setback that affects young people in our community is the lack of adequate access to relevant information about drug and substance abuse, risky sexual behavior, leadership education and mentorship.

The organization has forged collaborations with several organizations to address the above issues through education and participatory workshops. Interestingly, FOHLC works with the KU Center for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas to provide Kenyan youths with training modules through a virtual portal called the Community Tool Box (CTB).

CTB is a free online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. It offers thousands of pages of tips and tools for taking action in communities. The only requirement is to have a functional computer, internet, and some self-discipline to learn using hundreds of training modules on the tool-box.

We also scout and make available locally valuable information and opportunities that can help our youths from funding opportunities, fellowships, awards competitions, conferences and training opportunities. Many times, we are forced to print out these materials to distribute to economically challenged youths who cannot access the internet. This is why we are looking for partners to set up public libraries.

In 2016 we forged a partnership with Lawrence Public Library in Kansas, and we have shipped and donated over 1000 books to Kenyan children. They are willing to give to us as many books as we need if we can pay for shipping to Kenya. We are looking for local partners to help in shipping those books to Kenya and donations to help us equip local public schools with books. Our second plan is to look for local partners to set up public libraries in major towns in Kiambu county and later on spread out to other provinces. Eventually, we accept donations to help us forward this goal.

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