Current Partners

Netherlands Protestant Church

With generous support from Netherlands Protestant church, we have been able to set up a small sewing center for making reusable sanitary pads and school bags. The program has so far built and donated 150 kits.

Kenya been hit with prolonged wet season and flooding in almost every part of the country, for this reason, reusable kits are not very helpful. Using the same support from Protestant Church of Netherlands, we have been providing our beneficiaries with disposable menstrual pads.

Community Tool Box is a project of KU Center for Community Health & Development at the University of Kansas. CTB is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. It offers thousands of pages of tips and tools for taking action in communities.

Our team use CTB for technical support and capacity building. We also use CTB to train youth and women groups on subjects like leadership, peacebuilding, community work etcetera. We are optimistic that our partnership will grow to establish virtual learning centers across Kenya and east Africa using CTB portal.

Expat2Expat is a Kenya based company that is involved with relocation assistance of expatriated in Kenya and east Africa. The company also has a fleet of all kind of cars for rental and sales. The company is owned by our board chair Joep Van Binsbergen. Exapat-2-Expat has been a big donor to our work ensuring we have transportation and logistics support every time we have such a need.

Official Websiteexpat-to-expat_logo Starts America is a charity based in Kansas City, USA. We are grateful for this partnership that has helped us with assorted donations shipped to Kenya from the United States. Our partnership has provided for menstrual hygiene to needy young women, books, clothing and toys that we donate to Kenyan rural communities. Our appreciation goes to Bridget Tailor, the founder and her dedicated team.

With generous support from Grace Fellowship we have a new laptop computer for office use and happy for helping pay our office space and utility bills for the months of January to April 2018.

Our work is largely supported by local individuals and small entities who mostly donates in material like clothes, shoes, toys, dry foods, sanitary pads, and volunteers time for skilled and unskilled services. This is what primarily fuels our work.

Past Partners

We are grateful to the Kenyan government for partnership and support through various offices and government agencies. We are happy for approval, support and collaborations to on multiple programs like:

2017 Peacebuilding before general elections

Elections in Kenya has been synonymous with violence. Although our peacebuilding program runs throughout the year, we put more efforts during political campaigns and electioneering periods because this is mostly the time that the country is more polarized and divided into tribal and pollical grounds. Kenya has a bad elections violence history that we want to overturn. We are grateful to the local government agencies through the ministry of interior (local chiefs and district officers) for approval of our work and moral support.
2013, Voter's Education for General Elections

We were accredited, contracted and funded by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to conduct voter's education and awareness in the Kiambaa sub-county of Kiambu County (received an accreditation certificate).

2005, The Constitution of Kenya Review Commission

We were contracted and trained by the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission to conduct civic education for the referendum in the Kiambu and Kiambaa sub-counties. This is an assignment we concluded and earned a lot of praise. See awarded certificate.

2007 Grant from Kenya National HIV/Aids Control Council

In 2007, we obtained a grant of 100,000 Kenya Shillings from the National Aids Control Council (NACC) for HIV/Aids Awareness in the Cianda ward, Kiambu. We also enjoy continuous collaboration and networking with local HIV/Aids agencies which provide supervisory to our work and literature materials approved.

2006 – 2010, Relief food from Provincial Administration

We partnered with the Provincial Administration through the office of District Commissioner Kiambu to distribute relief food to the most needed persons in Kiambu. Our program emerged the best in the district earning us a lot of praise which saw our organization get trusted with more resources from the government.

Private Partners

"Actief voor Afrika" is a Dutch organization which through its Owili Project, managed by Joep and Jitske van Binsbergen. From 2007 to 2010 we partnered with the Owili Project Netherlands to provide menstrual hygiene supplies, school uniforms, school fees, and foodstuff to vulnerable families in Kiambu. We also donated sporting gear to grassroot youth clubs.

We will forever be grateful to the late Jitske Binsbergen who was among the very first people to believe in our dream and support our work. Today our sanitary pads which began with her support, has benefited 2,188 girls with reusable kits and over 1000 every annually with disposable pads. This program has won several international awards. This program runs in her honor! We are happy Joep van Binsbergen and Jitske’s family are still involved and supportive of this work.

We hosted Sister’s Acts, a program of Global Seed Planters (USA) to provide reusable sanitary kits and menstrual health education to 700 disadvantaged young women in Kiambu and Thika sub-counties. Many thanks to our friend Diane Brask and her team for this partnership and collaboration. These kits we shipped from USA, we are now happy we have a small sewing center for making reusable kits in Kenya. One kit last up to three years or a minimum of two depending on care.
In 2011 Partnered with the Kanunga Mwangaza Self-Help Group for HIV/Aids education in the Kiambu district funded by the Kenya National HIV/Aids Control Council, other implementation partners were Kiambu People Living with HIV/AIDS Self-Help Group, KIPEWA.
  1. We are grateful to Grace Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Lawrence Kansas for sanitary donations drive in November 2016. Through your generous donations and shipping support we supported 40 girls for 4 months with menstrual hygiene supplies and undergarments.
  2. We appreciate Free State Church in Lawrence Kansas for a generous donation in December 2016 that helped us pay for shipping of donations to Kenya. Because of your help we shipped over 1000 books and clothing that we donated to needy persons in Kenya.
  3. We also thank Grace Fellowship in Artesia, New Mexico for chipping in to help us the above donations to Kenya. May the name of YAHWEH be glorified!
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