We believe that Spirituality is a rich personal resource—the success and foundation of our work are founded on prayer to YAHWEH (GOD) through YESHUA (JESUS CHRIST) powered by the HOLY SPIRIT of YAHWEH. In our prayers, there is thanksgiving for our successes and reverence to GOD’s name.

We need friends who will stand with us on our beneficiaries' and team's needs.

Pray for Our Team

Because of trauma associated with humanitarian work, our teams are faced with depression, over involvement in our client’s issues that at long run affect their stability. Kindly pray for our team for refilling and rejuvenation by the Holy Spirit.
Pray for special protection for our teams when working or traveling in security-wise unstable conditions.
Pray for our team’s protection when working on fragile programs like HIV/Aids Counselling & Testing.
Another strategy of the enemy for bringing down teams is to attack unity and attack people’s credibility and smear untrue information and malice. Please pray for protection against this.
Pray for God’s providence in all our programs.

Our Beneficiaries

Time to time our beneficiaries have various issues that require more than materials support. Some of these issues are very confidential and we request you to email us so that we can send these prayer items.

Pray for success and impact of our causes – Sanitary towels & women empowerment program, Peacebuilding & tolerance, Youth empowerment and development, HIV/Aids awareness & care, Audio-Bibles program, Life programs (abortion & abortion trauma and recovery), People with disabilities.

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