James N Waruiru

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Founder & Project Manager

Nationality: Kenyan
Country of Residence: Kenya

James Waruiru is a social entrepreneur and human rights activist. Educated in social sciences, under his leadership, FOHYI has won some accolades including the 2nd 2010 Outside the Box Prize from the Kansas University, USA, and the 1st 2014 Travel-giver challenge prize. After losing his sister to HIV, he becomes passionately engaged in social innovation to succumb the spirited fight against the disease, stigma, poverty, and limited information. In her honor, James founded Fountain of Hope Life Centre and develops it ever since as a full-time Project Manager.

The alumnus of the Community Solutions Program (CSP), James has been selected as an intern in the respective program of the US Department of State for Education and Cultural Affairs which selects 100 fellows of a remarkable impact in their communities. In a good relationship with his host organization, the University of Kansas, James helps to translate the Community Toolbox into Kiswahili and also helps create and adapt materials for use in the Eastern African countries as part of the university’s work as a WHO Collaborating Centre for the Community Health and Development.

During his free time, James loves spending time at the park with his biological kids and many other disadvantaged kids he feels as his as well and to whom he renders a noticeable part of his support. James is also a great lover of soccer and athletics.