Our slogan

Discover why some of the richest people in the world are not millionaires, they are volunteers…! From compassion to action.

We could use your help either remotely or in person
  • We seek people who can hold fundraisers for our work both in cash and in donations like dry foodstuff, clothing, shoes, toys, books, retreat sponsorship for disadvantaged children, sanitary towels and undergarments, school supplies for both girls and boys, etc.
  • Good writers who can write articles or catchy social media posts to publicize our work.
  • People who can help our team with capacity building in areas like Monitoring & evaluation, public health & health communication, team building & study tours sponsorship for our team.

Take your compassion to Kenya!

We would be happy to host you from any part of the world to experience our work!  While you are here you will experience our magical Kenya and you will not even realize time passing, please contact us!

Help us spread love and care: